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Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk!

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2024-10-01 — Summertime - Caffeine's Journal

Happy New Year! The year started busy with a month-long trip to my family home in the middle of nowhere, with several mini-trips in between. I've been trying to rest as much as possible when I'm not working, and I miss making music a lot.

I'm casually revisiting jerdehl.c to see what can be improved. I had an old version of it that sounded better than the current one, and I'm working on integrating the improved fire crackling into it.

Besides that, there are many social visits, new tattoos to be done, and pool time. Summer is upon us!

2024-02-22 - blog

Did a shell swap on my Switch and joycons yesterday. Check it out!

Front view of a Nintendo Switch with clear plastic shells on the joycons Back view of a Nintendo Switch with clear plastic shells on the joycons and console

I think it looks pretty cool. I got the shells from a company called eXtremeRate which apparently makes full kits for this kind of mod. I thought I was just getting the plastic parts but they came with tons of extra screws and a screwdriver with the relevant bits, and they publish guides! Given I found this through a random Amazon listing, I am pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend their stuff.

2024-02-20 - resplandescentprism's life blog

Reminder to self, when creating a new resource, don't use a preloaded one, since when you try to save it, it will save with the preloaded values instead of the new ones.

2024-02-18 - Interipelli's Journal

Raindare and I spent the weekend visiting an old friend who helped us out during pandemic times, lending a hand and serving good Taiwanese style vegan food. As with many post-pandemic reunions, I find that the occasion is not really marked by much more than showing up, saying hello, and trying to piece together just what exactly were we doing before then. At any rate, their business seems to have picked up, and I am no longer their most regular customer. All good things.

After another experiment with an e-ink display proved disappointing with assisting Raindare's blindness, we made an appointment to the Apple Store to try out their latest flashy bauble. The Vision Pro has a remarkable number of hand gestures to allow for blind navigation, but limited capability to interpret those gestures from slightly unconventional-looking hands. A fascinating case study in accessibility designs that don't always work.

Despite a rough showing at times, it has occurred to me that Raindare does look at objects in the distance by positioning her cell phone directly at the view, and looking at the screen up close, acting as a magnifying glass for life. It would seem that the Vision Pro would be perfectly serviceable at replicating the same, as the device itself is indeed a set of smartphones jammed directly up against your eyeballs. We'll see if the fruit company can accommodate her prescription lenses. It does seem to be a matter of trying to make the purchase, and then finding out from The Company if they can make those particular lenses on demand.

Thanks to an overwhelmingly friendly community, I seem to be spending more time at a Princess Maker Discord. Despite our collective experience being largely with the very good second game and its unreleased English translation for DOS, the community there has been welcoming on a scale that I don't usually see. If you do happen to see more Princess Maker content on the website in the coming months, that is certainly to blame.

2024-02-17 Network of Trust - a

February 14th marks my 8th year living aboard pino! The boat is doing well, although Dev & I both suffered a cold these past few days. We are two disgusting snot fountains.

Because it is becoming harder and harder to find good information on the internet by way of search engines, I overhauled my list of bookmarks, documenting my favorite websites and resources to try and combat AI garbage generators and websites that spin content. Building lists of trusted links written by experienced and well-meaning humans, and hosting them on your website, is a good way to create a network of trust.

I completed Ruler of the Taiga. It is annoying how even if I just completed night terror, I already dislike a lot of the art. My hand and my eye keeps improving, it's a good thing but it makes it difficult to appreciate work now that I was proud of at the time of completion. The spell wears off so quickly. I am glad I am improving, but I hate being this inconsistent. I've always assumed that once I learned to draw that I could only get better at it, that regressing was not possible, but if there are too many long lulls between drawing sessions(months, years...) I realized that it is possible to lose it. The skill isn't lost entirely, but the work can appear stiff. Drawing will always make me happy, but I hope that my work eventually stabilizes. Note that this 'regression' is only true when drawing characters with realistic proportions (projects like hakum, and circa), errors are more apparent in designs like this than with a project with a cartoon style like mindbird.

I did a few sprite commissions, see Alex P., Benji and family(1), and Benji(2).

I made some modifications to rope mats, so that intructions are clearer. I made a tiny mat out of red paracord for a friend this month for v-day, I missed making mats, I plan to make more this month.

2024-02-17 - resplandescentprism's life blog

First post of the year!, if even someone is reading this, I hope you have a fantastic year and that new opportunities show for you. Personally I've been trying to get started on making an open source version of those "look after your pet with someone" apps, but the only experience I got with godot is a very barebones "minecraft" ripoff that I made into an idle "game" if it can even be called that lol. Expect me to post some more updates, or not, I don't know yet. Also I guess I'm 4 months into HRT now, wow, how time flies away.

2024-02-14 - blog

When I post a guide on my blog and the tutorial part starts with a header reading "How to do it" that's a reference to this btw


2024-02-12 - Apropos of nothing

Three years ago, having a lot of time on my hands for obvious reasons, I made a whole range of new apps. Some of them I still use every day, like Clinklog 2; others such as AntiWiki deserved to see more use but sat forgotten for a while. And then there are experiments like Ripen Forth, that I used just enough to prove viable, only to set them aside soon.

This winter I'm on a grand campaign to revive all of them, brush them up and put them to good use. Talk about a U-turn.

There are several reasons for this: a renewed interest in blogs, RSS and small websites among the general public; the rise of community software forges like Codeberg giving me hope for the future. Last but not least, I'm older and more tired now: no more blazing new trails for a while. Let me build up what I already have.

Turns out, that's even more satisfying. Besides, we're talking a lot of improvements to make. That will keep my busy for a while. In fact I had to consciously take a break and update this journal at the usual six-week mark. Doubly so as the Neon Kiosk sits mostly closed these days. Someone has to keep the lights on.

Tell me you're still out there, will you, folks?

2024-02-11 Conlang Weekly - Devine Lu Linvega's journal

It has been a month of playing with conlangs and conscripts. I begun exploring variable length glyphs in Left after adding support for the Lambda(λ) character last month, and went further still by supporting the Shavian alphabet. I had been looking for an alternative alphabet for a while and loved its 48 letters, the symmetries in the glyphs and how easy it was to learn it.

stupendous written in the Shavian script

2024-02-01 - jmibo's journal

really need to update this more often. i haven't written anything new since (rimshot)

game is going pretty well besides the thing where i need to make content for the game. i've added a system where after optimizing every level for time you can try and optimize for other criteria, and i added gold times for every currently-existing level * criterion combination. the current gold times are probably way too strict though, i'll have people playtest. but it would make sense to have the gold non-time metrics be at least a bit stricter than the gold times because the alternate criteria will probably only be unlocked after getting all or most gold times. i really enjoyed optimizing all of the levels in a bunch of different ways so i'm inclined to think that this is a pretty good mechanic, but i do know that i have bad taste and a lot of things that i find fun other people do not at all. in any case i think the system makes sense because most of the game is about getting an intuition for a specific movement system, and this sort of thing probably helps for that.

people always say that you should always leave your audience wanting more, but i think this is a bad idea. i want my game to have enough things in it to make people tired of my game. but i don't want anyone to feel obligated to play through literally everything in the game, playing every level in depth seven times to get all of the gold ranks with every metric, finding all of the little easter egg things in every level, etc. i'm planning on using a "completion %" system to discourage this. i would count the player as having 100% completion once they've done all of the Main Things in the game -- gotten all the gold times, found all of the secret levels etc. -- and then tell the player how many Other Things they've done in addition without telling them precisely how many Other Things exist. that way it'd hopefully feel fine to stop after seeing the credits, or getting the number to 100% and having seen most of what the game has to offer, or any point afterwards. it's hard for me tot know how well this will work out because i don't know how other people's brains work and i like spinny game much more than the average person. again this is something i'll need playtesting for.

i really need to write some posts for the blog section i'll do it soon i swear

some interesting things:

2024-02-01 — January - Caffeine's Monthly Digest

January was pure chaos. I traveled the entire month, juggling several tasks and deprioritizing what I could to focus on what was important.

A significant personal project has occurred; the result will be known by early February. Meanwhile, making music, coding, writing, and other personal projects were paused to accommodate this project.

Life has been stressful and unforgivable over the month, but I will survive.

Even so, I made fond memories and new stories to tell.

2024-01-29 - blog

I just had a really nasty idea for a 3D printer design. I could describe it in detail, but instead I drew up this helpful diagram:

A crude diagram outlining a concept for an FDM 3D printer that rotates around a central axis for a toroidal print volume.

The benefits of this approach are clear. If I receive $1000 in donations I will attempt to build it.

2024-01-28 - compudanzas log

enviamos una propuesta de taller al congreso esLibre 2024: computación somática: materializando ciencias computacionales en cuerpxs humanxs y coreografía

propuesta taller computación somática

2024-01-27 - dozens's journal

There was a used book sale today at the neighborhood branch of the local public library, so I walked over there and rummaged through the boxes. I found a book about Elanor and Hick. And also a book about mysteries and hijinks somebody has while working as a scientist in a lab. It is by a local author and is based on her real life experiences with mysteries and hijinks working as a scientist in a lab.

I slid over to look at the cookbooks, and there was an older gentleman there who had a small stack of books on the table next to him. He apologized for being in the way. He tells me unnecessarily that he was looking at cookbooks. “I’m a really good cook!” he says. “I teach classes.”

“Wow, really?” I ask. “Like at the library?”

“No, at my house.”


And then he gets really serious and says really quietly, “I’ve never told anybody this before but…”

And he looks at me with such intensity that I think he was about to confess that he once killed a child in the 60s. But instead he says, “..but, I’m Irish.”

2024-01-26 Back to music - Devine Lu Linvega's journal

I've originally started looking into virtual machines to build a target to host some games, a handful of tools and my wiki — but instead of stopping once I had done so, I kept pushing further and became obsessed with this programming language design stuff, and along the way, I lost track of why I was even doing it all in the first place. After a two year detour, I look back and I've almost totally ignored my other interests as a digital artist and musician. It's about time I find my way back.