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2024-06-14 Endless summer days - Devine Lu Linvega's journal

Alaskan summer days are long, the sun wakes us up at 4am, and it stays bright until 11pm. By 5am, the batteries are already topped up from solar, I think that, if we were very motivated, we could solarcook every meals each day.

2024-06-14 - All that’s left is revenge - Cutting Tofu

I got up on the wrong side of my grandmother’s bed
And now she’s added my name to her little black book
I drank too much of your insecurities
Now my heart’s palpitating and unsure

Mama and Papa, they taught us well
No, they didn’t, actually
Just look at where we are right now

This mess we’re in,
You’re oblivious to the shit you’ve stepped on
The stench of your ignorance

I should have known better,
But they were right when they said that
Blood is thicker than water from the womb.

2024-06-12 - Sea horse - Cutting Tofu

My eyes grow wider behind the viewfinder; as I press the shutter release, the flash burns onto my retinas, releasing a chemical reaction activating the synapses in my brain. My underdeveloped hippocampus shrinks smaller into oblivion, all the colours and shapes blend in to one another and I can’t make out what is where is when is whom.

Who was I supposed to be again?

I try to run away. They say it’s all about being at the right place at the right time, so why do I have such bad timing? The past always manages to catch up with me. My irises glitch in analogue, datamoshing into absurdity. Everything is noise.

Where’s the electricity?

I’m flatlining.

2024-06-11 - Rex's journal

Looking over Texas's 2024 legislative priorities, sure am glad I got out of that shithole! If you are a woman in Texas, you should probably leave ASAP before they Handmaid's Tale you. The Texas christofascists must want to be first in line for Project 2025. God I fuckin hate politics. Why are republicans such weasels?

Still working on programming! Decided to start a devlog to track progress, see here!

2024-06-11 - Spam literature, pt. i - Cutting Tofu

From: Maximus Magness <>
Subject: Re: my disjoin

out, wrote his in-then re-recorded the whole thing just as if it were the Galaksia Universitato at once. He is expecting these historical react. He opened his arms wide and came slowly forward. A force of impossible. He knew he couldnt tell me. But had been suspicious that I could see-except in the close vicinity of the device. I moved marching boots from NJ-28940. I woke up and remained silent and I was.
gun, not me, and right next to me there are two creatures, people, the four of them trooped in. In step!
was over-of it were ever over-I promised myself a nice long holiday.

2024-06-09 - Rex's journal

It's happening! I actually started writing code instead of just copying it! I feel like today has been the biggest milestone in my coding journey thusfar. The little amount of coding I did for this site was honestly just mostly copy/pasted and lightly modified with my own values. It was still in tutorial hell. But I've been looking around the web for easy projects to do to help break out of that. I stumbled upon a Youtube video of a guy building a slot machine project in Python that helped spur me on. I followed along with the video for about 20 mins and something finally...clicked. So I stopped the video and started working on a Craps app in Python. It's one of the few casino games I enjoy so I thought it was a good pick. I've already written over 200 lines of code for it! This is easily like 2000% more progress than normal so I'm feeling really good right now. I think I can do this! I really do.

Hopefully Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance doesn't take away too much of my coding hours! I don't think it will, though. I'm really feeling motivated right now. I know there's still plenty of challenges ahead but I feel like I can really do it with consistent practice.

2024-06-08 - Miss Fortune - Cutting Tofu

I drew the wrong lot, and now the Goddess of Mercy frowns upon me. Should I leave the bad luck behind? I embrace my failures.

Beware of danger.

I broke my lucky charm before it could give me any, but my luck ran out a long time ago. It shattered into pieces like any remaining hope I had.

You have little chance of regaining lost items.

I lit a fortune candle hoping for a return of opulence; the well is running dry.

You may get cheated in the process of gaining wealth.

I’ve been swimming in the fisherman’s net all this time. Shall I throw caution to the wind? All roads are blocked. Trouble always knows where to find me.

Elsewhere, my ancestors are turning in their graves.

2024-06-07 - Rex's journal

It was a nice friday. Took my car up for some routine maintenance this morning then did a little grocery shopping. I decided to get some programming practice in while waiting for my car. As I mentioned a few days ago, reasonable small goals! Making a whole game was feeling overwhelming, so now my first project is a little Python app that simulates dice rolling. Small victories lol. I was getting caught in tutorial hell which is too easy to do. Watch tutorials thinking "yeah that totally makes perfect sense" but then freezing up the second I try to write my own code. Still working on the fundamentals! Switched over to Harvard's CS50P since it's got a Python focus which is syntactically (baller word) similar to Godot's GDScript. Maybe if I'm feeling full stack I'll figure out how to run my dice rolling app into my site. Still trying to figure out my long-term goal - make a game? Get a job as a software developer? Both? I guess I'll figure it out along the way.

Nice moment. Sharing some delicious fresh cut fruit with one of my dogs on this hot summer day. Yesterday I got to hear some cicadas too. It's not too hot yet, so I just basked in those early summer vibes. Last year we had tons of cicadas and fireflies but for some reason this year I haven't seen any fireflies, and last night was only night 2 of hearing the cicadas so far this year, even though it was supposed to be the cicada-geddon this year. What a rip!

2024-06-07 - Apropos of nothing

I spent the month of May learning Fortran. All my friends thought that was very cool, but most also think it's a retro curiosity, not a modern language one can use to get real work done in 2024, let alone one of the most popular today. That's how much perceptions matter.

In other news, I spent all spring battling a health issue. When I finally went to the doctor, it turned out to be a skin infection. That's going to take a month of treatment, but it's nothing that can't be fixed, and it's only pricy, not ruinous. We like to complain about healthcare in this country, but it's so much better than the horror stories I hear from elsewhere.

Tip: get out as much as you can, even if it's hard. Your immune system will thank you. People associate staying inside with being overweight and everything that falls from that, but as it turns out they're afraid of the wrong danger.

There's my new goal for the summer then. It was my goal anyway, only more ambitious now. We keep saying you can do certain kinds of work from anywhere. Too bad this "anywhere" is often unimaginative. And people do all kinds of things outdoors, in parks and such. Got to try it myself for a change.

See you around, at least virtually. Until then, don't let things get real bad.

2024-06-05 -

What are we leaving behind? Is it all the memories of other people in which we appear? Is it the things we do to shape the world into something that we believe in? Is it the often mysterious process that brings forth art?

As absurd as it sounds sometimes I wish I knew the answer, so that I could better focus my energies on what made more sense. But if I knew the answer then many people probably would, and the world would be shaped so drastically different in ways that we cannot even start to imagine.

Once I'm done with summer exams I'll try to pimp the website a bit. I'd like a richer homepage and more unique subpages with wildly different designs and palettes. I would like to start publishing little interactive stories, either through Twine or simple html. The "possible projects" list is always way too long, but that's good

2024-06-05 Alaska - a

Just a short update to say that Devine & I have been sailing since May 1st, leaving from Victoria, B.C. We arrived in Ketchikan, Southeast Alaska(US) on June 2nd. We spent all of May moving, taking every weather window we could to make as much progress north as possible. It is tiring, but now that we've arrived a bit higher north we can it a bit slower.

May and June are good months to spend in SE Alaska. It's been very rainy and windy since we've arrived, I'm not sure what nice looks like in these parts... I look forward to it, though. We find cell reception here and there, permitting for updates like this. We'll explore the area, and start making our way back down late July.

I won't be updating this site much in the meantime, maybe just small improvements or notes here and there. Like today, as we are waiting for bad weather to pass in Ketchikan, I worked on the finic language. I've got plans for another wiktopher book, so I'm just jotting down ideas. Because I am away, my store is closed, I will put the vancouver island mushrooms series back for sale when I return in October. See you then!

2024-06-04 - Rex's journal

I'm feeling good today! Yesterday was a good day. I got shit done at work, I cooked and ate healthy, I cleaned around the house, I spent several hours studying. Hoping to continue today! Have to make sure I do my workout tonight to stay on track. I try to lift 4 times a week. I started last year after not having ever really worked out much. I'm glad I did, it's nice to be strong! Wish I had started sooner, but as the old saying goes, the best time to start was 10 years ago, the second best time is now. Trying to apply that mindset to several areas of my life which is why I'm learning programming, too.

Got my article on Unicorn Overlord up. It's not finished yet. Mostly compared it to OB64 so far but I'll pivot to talking about the game on its own soon.

I was cleaning up my bookmarks and found this site I saved back when I watched Serial Experiments Lain. It was part of the whole CRT TV era - watched it on the Sony Trinitron. This is one of the best media dissections I've had the pleasure of reading. Watch the show, then check out the site. It's only 13 episodes and was so ahead of its time.

2024-06-03 - Rex's journal

No thanks to Samsung support, I managed to fix my washer after some additional troubleshooting. I started Harvard's CS50 class to get some of the fundamentals down of object oriented programming. Most of my exposure to code comes from my day job but it's not an OOP language. So, I had some knowledge gaps while I was trying to work on my game idea. I'm still gonna work on the design docs, I can at least nail down the expected functional behavior over the next few months. Then once I finish the course, I should make a couple small games over a couple months just to get some experience in creating and finishing a game. In the past I have not been great at finishing stuff. Lots of half baked ideas. But, I recognize that, and I'm trying to break my goals down into manageable chunks that I can accomplish.

Today at work, my team basically delivered a vote of no confidence for being able to meet this quarter's planning goals. Worst confidence vote I've seen in my 6 years of business analysis lol. I absolutely expect more crunch time in the team's future...oh well, I don't mind doing it for a bit if I get that overtime pay.

2024-06-02 - Rex's journal

I hate modern technology. I hate modern technology. I fucking hate modern technology. I just wanna wash my clothes! But no, my Samsung washer which is less than a year old suddenly started throwing a software error. I hate "smart" appliances. Anyone who ever suggested that household appliances should connect to the internet and have fancy software should shut the fuck up forever, and never speak again, for the world is worse off by their existence and their ideas. Until last night, I was able to ignore all of the "smart" features of the washer and just use it like normal until it randomly threw an error code that, after some googling, indicated a software error. I tried all the random internet fixes, power cycles, service menu, all the tricks. No dice, so called the support number. Spent another 20 minutes and got nowhere so they want to schedule a tech to come out. For a software issue. On my washer.

Never buy a Samsung appliance. Never again.

2024-06-02 - Empty isn’t anything - Cutting Tofu

This morning I passed by a billboard with the words “WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR?” and I couldn’t help but ask myself the same question. I turn the dial to the number on the sign and hope someone can give me an answer, but all I hear is the sound of someone hanging up. There was never anyone on the other end, just ghosts that forgot they had stories to tell and no one to tell them to.

I record half a mixtape and leave the other side blank. It’s just noise and the sound of me breathing. Even babies feel safe hearing a heartbeat that isn’t all their own.

I don’t need time but time is all I have.

I’m catching the bus to nowhere, and I’m not coming back.

2024-06-01 - Rex's journal

Man, rough beekeeping day. One of the hives lost our queen, and the status of the brood puts the timing right around our last inspection. The likely scenario is that we killed the queen accidentally last time we were in the hive. It's a bummer for the first year since she was a really great queen, fantastic laying pattern, tons of eggs, and low aggression. So I was a bit down on myself over that, but it'll be alright. We didn't expect honey the first year anyway, and it looks like the bees were already working on raising a new queen, so hopefully a month from now this will be barely a blip.

In other news, my laptop arrived today. A few days ago as I was watching some Godot tutorials on my tv, I really wished I had a laptop to follow along with and learn hands on. Better to get your hands dirty else I get caught in tutorial hell. I was also using OneNote mobile while I had some Workaholics on in the background and thought, there's a better way. So I started looking for laptops. I already had a gaming laptop which, honestly, are kinda silly for home use since they get too hot to have in your lap. So I needed a regular productivity laptop. I had kinda been looking at the 2 in 1 laptops which you can flip into tablet mode. I eventually settled on a Dell Inspiron 16 2 in 1. I found the one with the OLED screen for really cheap on ebay. It was only lightly used and also had the black color which I liked more than the silver. I pulled the trigger since it had a return policy but now that I'm using it (even as I type this entry), I like it a lot! I'll definitely be keeping it. I installed Ubuntu on it for a change of pace from Windows. I liked pop OS! but it seemed like it hadn't been updated in a while, and Ubuntu seemed to have better touchscreen support, so that's what I chose. Hopefully now with the power of productivity in any room, I'll get more done on the site AND in my hopefully eventually real game!

2024-05-31 - Rex's journal

I like presidents that don't get convicted of felonies. I try not to talk about politics too much because it's mostly futile. And, chances are if you're on Neocities, you're probably not much of a right winger to begin with, so what's the point of preaching to the choir, right?. But, since this is sorta kinda a historical moment in American history (though I feel like we've had far too many of those lately), I figure I can take a single journal entry to talk about it.

It's just crazy how many absolute rubes there are. I'm listening to Trump's sad "press conference" this morning, the day after his 34 felony do people not immediately know that this is the most obviously selfish, narcissistic, traitorous, whiny, idiotic, tiny mushroom dicked (thanks Stormy Daniels for putting that image in all our minds), fucking grift in human form, sad sack piece of trash that has ever existed? In the year of our lord 2024, anyone still voting republican is either a useful idiot, or a hateful asshole.

Democrats suck too - "do nothing democrats" is not inaccurate. But they're still the objectively correct decision in this useless 2 party system. Ranked choice voting when?

Do still vote for the democrats. Voting is not a pointless exercise, especially in local elections. Voting is the bare minimum you have to do to even say shit about politics. You're voting for the judicial branch too. Project 2025 is not a fucking joke. There are active plans to turn the USA into a christian nationalist state. Women will lose rights. Public Education will lose funding. Discrimination will be made legal. LGBTQ+ people will be punished for existing. They will rape the climate even harder. They will give even more money to the billionaire class. You still have to fucking vote.

2024-05-30 At the Alaskan border - Devine Lu Linvega's journal

Sitting aboard Pino in the last port in Canada before entering Alaska, thinking about how odd it is to be sailing straight from the south and having to change timezone. We've been moving every day of the past two weeks, making use of the favorable wind to jump from anchorage to anchorage. During these long passages, I try to write the talk for Handmade in my head.

Abner, who organizes the conference, asked me specifically to explore other ways to live with the attending creatives and developers affected by burnout or the mass layoffs. I've had Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem in mind these past few weeks, it goes:

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!
Nature vignette from the fantastic book, Geometry For Entertainment

2024-05-30 - Rex's journal

Work is sooo dumb lol. I wanna focus on my hobbies but I'm so tired after working. 32 hour work week when?

I decided I'm gonna write a post on Unicorn Overlord. As you should know by now, I love Ogre Battle 64 and I consider Unicorn Overlord to be the truest successor, at least in terms of gameplay. Not so much on story but...I'll save it for the article. Please look forward to it.™

2024-05-29 - Rex's journal

Yeah, 2 entries in one day. I'm going through the site to clean up a lot of the in progress stuff, and man, my last post was about...meal delivery services? Fucking lame dude lol. I gotta fix this place up and make it more interesting.

Yesterday we celebrated my wife's birthday. We went to a local rock shop to do some gem panning. She has figured out this year that she's really into crystals and stuff. Not full on woo, but as a way to guide your thinking and intentions, which is reasonable enough to me. I think they look cool at least.

2024-05-29 - Rex's journal

*Blows off cobwebs* It's dusty in here! Where do I even begin? A lot has changed since I last updated the website. I was reading my old journal entries and some of those were kinda sad? Luckily, things are much improved.

My wife and I moved away from DFW! We are in South Carolina, now. She's much happier with this career change and I think she's amazing at it. It was a huge life change but it's really great. We got a nice rural house on 3 acres in the same little town where my in-laws are. We'll be inheriting some farmland in the future so we figured it was time to go ahead and plant some roots. I much prefer living rurally. It's a lot more quiet than DFW, and the traffic is way chiller. I love having land. I've got tons of huge trees, lots of nice flowers and plants all over my property. There's a trail in my little woods in the backyard where I can see fireflies and hear cicadas. It's a dream, honestly. And the house was like 150k cheaper than we sold our Texas house for. It's a little bit bigger (also older) but with like 20x more land. You're getting shafted if you buy a house in the DFW suburbs. Oh, and even though I'm rural now, I still have gigabit fiber which is badass!

I got my own job promotion late last year! I'm doing some really impactful stuff that's going to be great for my resume. I make over 6 figures now and get to work remotely. I recognize that I am living the modern American dream and I am grateful for it. Work is still dumb though and I wish I didn't have to do it, but it pays the bills.

Went on some cool trips over the past few months. Last November, I met up with my family in San Marcos, TX. My niece and her boyfriend moved there but my parents, sister, and nephew came out as well. It was a nice little family reunion. San Marcos is a cool town!

In March, my wife and I took an incredibly vacation up to Gatlinburg, Tennesee. We got a mountain cabin airbnb and went on a VIP tour of the local wineries in Pigeon Forge, the town next to Gatlinburg. It was a super fun and relaxing trip and we came home with a ton of wine. I would love to visit again sometime. It's like 4ish hours from where I live now.

In April, Mark came out to visit me for the first time. We went to Atlanta for a weekend to see a couple concerts. We saw TWRP one night, then the next night we saw Make Them Suffer and Erra. It was a badass fucking concert, I was in the mosh pit the whole time. Make Them Suffer is my fav metalcore band right now and I'll definitely be on the lookout when they do their next headlining tour. We also went to Ponce City Market which is a really neat place. Tons of good food and connects to a really cool Greenbelt walking path area which I forget the name of. Atlanta is only about 3 hours away so I plan to go again at some point.

My most recent trip was to New Smyrna Beach in Florida. My folks were staying there for a month to see how they like it. They're planning to retire there which would be great for me. It's about a 6 hour drive, I would love to have a Florida condo I could stay at whenever...the beach was beautiful! It was another family reunion trip. Even though it was Memorial Day Weekend, we all went to the beach on Friday morning and it was just perfect. Amazing weather, a reasonable high tide where the waves were big but the beach was still drivable. I played in the ocean for like 3 hours. It was like being a kid again. I bodysurfed, floated, and just had a blast the whole time. It was just me out there for hours. So peaceful and rejuvenating. I can't wait to go back!

New hobbies! I started beekeeping with my in-laws this year. We got 2 hives. No honey for the first year but that's ok. The hives have been doing well, big populations, so as long as they make it through winter, we'll get a honey harvest next year. I also started trying to learn game development, because why not? I am trying to learn Godot and GDScript. It seems pretty similar to JS and Python, so I figured why not? Now, why am I back on the website when I'm trying to do that? Because as stated before, I am a hobby hopper.

Now, what should I do with my website? I probably need to go clean up a lot of stuff. Kill all my placeholder article ideas. Maybe I'll start a devlog if I continue to learn Godot?

I also got really into CRT TVs there for a bit. I have 3 CRT TVs in my office. Why? I don't know, I like the aesthetic (shoutout /r/crtgaming). I bought a Wii and a PS2 and modified them to play roms on original hardware connected to a CRT. Nostalgia is a helluva drug. I don't use them much but I love the vibe.

Whew! Lots to catch up on. I guess a lot happens in a year. My hiatus was also partially due to my old PC kicking the bucket. I didn't do a good job saving my passwords so it took some time to get access back to everything. But I'm in now, and hopefully will stick to it. I really do love how my site looks and want to continue...even if nobody is reading it :)

2024-05-27 — Rat's race - Caffeine's Journal

Life has been so hectic lately — endless duties and deadlines are always there, hunting me.

I've been juggling many projects for work, leaving almost no time for myself. Each day merges into the next, a blur of tasks and meetings, with my to-do list growing longer instead of shorter. My "free" time is rare. I spend those precious moments with my family. But, how well this goes varies a lot. Sometimes, we have a few real moments of connection. Other times, we're all too tired to do more than coexist.

And then, when I thought things couldn't get any more chaotic, the entire household got sick. It felt like an added layer of complexity to an already intricate puzzle. To make matters worse, I have a trip to Spain coming up in about a week. Low energy, a busy schedule, and imminent travel -- it's not the ideal combination.

I've found some peace by working in my small coffin-like office in a coworking space, trying to concentrate. Here, I prioritize what's important work-wise. I work in turns to save energy. My to-do list is never-ending, but my stamina isn't, so I've learned to triage tasks like a seasoned field medic.

One silver lining has been getting back to book reading. In a move straight out of my own personal playbook, I decided to crack open a random Murakami for a re-read. This time, it was "Norwegian Wood." Something about Murakami's storytelling always captivates me. Diving back into his world did wonders for my mental state. If you check out the Obsessions Log on my website, you'll see that I'm back on the reading track.

For now, I'll focus on working smart and resting a as much as I can. I'm also gearing up for the trip to Spain. It feels like preparing for a level 100 Boss Raid. But hey, as long as I can keep my head above water and maybe squeeze in another chapter or two of Murakami, I think I'll be alright.

2024-05-25 - compudanzas log

gran día compartiendo nuestro taller de compudanzas en el congreso esLibre 2024 en Valencia

taller esLibre24

2024-05-24 - Interipelli's Journal

The second cancer scare has come and gone, with great relief that it hasn't amounted to anything worse. This particular episode did uncover a few relevant misunderstandings with regards to family history. Out of an abundance of caution and perhaps some cost savings, I am unlikely to travel much besides one west coast train trip later this summer.

Lately I've been catching up on Comic BomBom, a defunct presumably kid-oriented phone book sized monthly of manga that has a fairly rich history of promoting Bandai and Nintendo products alongside its own originals. There's a good framing there to be had as far as really contextualizing the full two years, one month of the Devil Children project during a time when BomBom somehow got passed over as the home of Pokemon and Digimon for surviving rival CoroCoro Comic. If anything comes of this, it will be a fairly long term project, especially if I somehow get ahold of Atlus obscura like the manga for GuruGuru Galactors.

I have nudged Raindare on a few occasions about proceeding with the KMT 2 screenshot LP, but she has been more engrossed with replaying Diablo+Hellfire via Devilution X, making progress on existing stories, and finishing up a Fire Emblem GBA rom hack yet to be released called "Sacred Stones Plus". We still have time.