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Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk! Just a funny looking Kiosk!

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2024-05-24 - Interipelli's Journal

The second cancer scare has come and gone, with great relief that it hasn't amounted to anything worse. This particular episode did uncover a few relevant misunderstandings with regards to family history. Out of an abundance of caution and perhaps some cost savings, I am unlikely to travel much besides one west coast train trip later this summer.

Lately I've been catching up on Comic BomBom, a defunct presumably kid-oriented phone book sized monthly of manga that has a fairly rich history of promoting Bandai and Nintendo products alongside its own originals. There's a good framing there to be had as far as really contextualizing the full two years, one month of the Devil Children project during a time when BomBom somehow got passed over as the home of Pokemon and Digimon for surviving rival CoroCoro Comic. If anything comes of this, it will be a fairly long term project, especially if I somehow get ahold of Atlus obscura like the manga for GuruGuru Galactors.

I have nudged Raindare on a few occasions about proceeding with the KMT 2 screenshot LP, but she has been more engrossed with replaying Diablo+Hellfire via Devilution X, making progress on existing stories, and finishing up a Fire Emblem GBA rom hack yet to be released called "Sacred Stones Plus". We still have time.

2024-05-16 — Surfing the entropy - Caffeine's Journal

It's been a while since I last posted here. Work has kept me super busy, leaving little time or energy for side projects. I'm making an effort to dive back into books instead of crashing in bed the moment my day ends.

The only side project I'm currently active on is img. I aim to return to my new x220 with 9front, but time is limited. With a trip to Spain approaching in less than a month, preparations are a must.

Life — an endless weave of people, requests, and demands.

2024-05-15 - What the birds know - Cutting Tofu

I’ve been lost at sea for a long time.

My front row seat to a view of endless waves, oscillating back and forth; sometimes going fast, sometimes going slow. Did you know? The highest part of the wave is called the crest, and the lowest part is the trough. In the crest, I can feel the warmth of sunshine on my face; but when it blocks out the sun while I’m in the trough, temperatures run frigid and it becomes cold and dark. “The trough is a rough place to be,” they say.

But doldrums are worse.

With doldrums, there are no waves, there is no wind. Empty. Desolate. Enough to drive you to the brink of despair. It could last for maybe an afternoon, maybe an entire day, until the wind picks up again and I am momentarily saved from limbo.

But the birds always know.

Birds sit in the water when they know there won’t be wind. And all that means is I’ll be stuck here for just a little while longer. I recite my ABCs and count 123s, forwards and back. Like a blunt force trauma to the head; anything to numb the mind and keep it from slowly untethering.

When the wind meets the water, I go through the motions all over again, moving up from the crest, down to the trough, drifting like driftwood, as lost as I’ll ever be.

I always forget about the wind. The birds never do.

2024-05-13 Rapids & Narrows - Devine Lu Linvega's journal

Up before every sunrise, drifting in many fjords through countless snow-covered mountains, taking too many photos. We've reached the central coast, we're now closer to the Alaskan broder, than to Victoria.

I don't have many opportunities to take the Thinkpad out of the chart table these days. While at the helm, I think about what I'd like to talk about for my upcoming presentation at Handmade in November.

2024-05-08 -

I honestly believe Steve Albini, as humble as he was, shaped modern alternative music in countless ways, many of which are still under the radar and yet so fundamental.

It would be an understatement to say that my life wouldn't be the same without those specific sounds and shapes. His legacy is far more than just a 90s thing, his style urges you to feel artists' emotions in a way that most producers still dream of.

Goodbye; your records will spin endlessly.

2024-05-06 - Kill them with kindness - Cutting Tofu

My hands are trembling, I’m dripping in sweat, my heartbeat racing— have you come prepared? People are waiting; let me carve out my own chest first.

I pop a pill for every disorder, who knows how long I‘ll last. I can’t keep steady, you better be ready to catch me else I stumble on my two left feet.

Beat my notes hard and jam my toes. I’m afraid of falling off the cliff, the floor is caving in, and the music only gets louder, a rising crescendo cut short by staccato. This isn’t hokey pokey, I’m already out.

Muttering to myself, words to my own inner monologue breaking out of my skull. Don’t put me in asylum, I’ll only escape. But I’m a prisoner of my own inanity; I won’t make it out very far. I can’t go on, I’ve already lost control. Even the Scared is scared of the things you’re scared of. What is left? What is left?

2024-05-04 - Freewheeling Apps

Visualizing the digits of π

The following program lets you scrub the mouse downward to find more and more precise approximations of π within the red optical sight in the center of the screen.

2024-05-03 — April - Caffeine's Monthly Digest

April was a very busy month. Some highlights:

All in all, April was jam-packed but in a good way. Sure, there were some rough patches, but that's life, right?

May Beltane usher in showers and new adventures!

2024-04-27 String rewrite III - Devine Lu Linvega's journal

We've stowed away our 120v devices, untied the lines and begun our sail north toward Juneau, Alaska! During the next few days, we will sail through the inside passage and out the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

As we hop between anchorages, I'd like to try exploring the question: Is a graphical environment running on top a naive string rewriting computer possible, or even usable?

2024-04-27 - blog

Pulled a badass 3-disc CD changer/AM-FM radio/tape deck combo stereo system out of storage today for the purpose of digitizing some old cassete tapes my dad had laying around so I could tape over one of them in order to use another, vintage tape deck he also has for some reason to generate authentic lo-fi FX™ to use in my music.

That project's on hold for the moment, though, since my audio interface apparently has two mono inputs, and getting stereo audio into it requires running a splitter, which I presently don't have, into both, so I'm waiting on one I ordered online to continue with that. Regardless, I didn't actually have a dedicated CD player despite my extensive collection, so this thing has earned a place atop the cabinet where I store them.

A turn-of-the-century RCA home stereo system consisting of two bookshelf speakers and a central unit featuring a 3-disc CD changer, an AM/FM radio, and dual tape decks for dubbing, as well as five EQ presets and a "Super Bass" button.

While my dad was demonstrating its functions to me, he implied it must seem strange and archaic to me, like when his dad would show him the old reel-to-reel projector while he was growing up in the '80s, which seems a weird comparison to make given I own literally dozens of CDs and remember using this exact unit growing up. Though, it's not like I ever touched the tape deck.

Speaking of my music, I've actually started making it again! I'm close to finishing the third of a planned four of these EPs I've been doing with the eponymous basic-shape-headed Guy on the cover. Only problem is I'm having a hard time coming up with cube-related wordplay I could use for a name. Fortunately, for reasons that will become clear when it releases, album #4 will not have this problem.